Monday, January 24, 2011

Today's practice piece

The new year has made me determine to do lots of practice at two things, watercolour and free motion quilting

The sewing machine was all revved up and raring to go from finishing off another project so that got first go -

Its quite difficult, I think I may try gloves next time. I have the christmas table runner that I want to do on the white bits but don't want to ruin it with rubbish FMQ.  Half an hour practice every day this week it is then¬

I have finished the piped cushions for the lounge so when the light is a bit better I'll get some good pics of them. The roman blind is awaiting its tape, I still can't figure out how the winding tape fastens onto the mechanism, mechanically minded DH can have a look when it reaches that stage in a day or two

Happy Monday!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Reversible bag

Today's make, i had two cushion covers (left from the zips being taken off to be reused in the lounge) so hey presto a long bag for some of DH's muscial equipment, its not girlie so he'll be happy with it and even more happy because it cost nothing.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Update on latest projects

I've been stuck in so got on with a little sewing, the roman blind is coming on but I'm wondering if I'm over thinking it a bit.

These are the curtains that are awaiting finishing (I need alot of energy to undertake it)

This is the start of a 3 dimensional piece, I'm not sure what it is going to be.

Snack box

Darling daughter sent me a code for a free snack box, its arrived and is lovely, here is a code if you would like a free one too -
"if anyone's taken a fancy to it, you can give them all a free graze box (for a limited time only) and earn discounts on your future boxes.
Just forward on this special promotion code to give all your friends a free graze box andanother half price… 
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For every friend you feed, you can get £1 off your next graze box or donate £1 to the graze school of farming - Uganda."
I'm making curtains and blinds at the moment but am itching to get back to some quilting and hand sewing.

Friday, January 7, 2011

So excited my new fire is up and running

I'm sat embellishing the edge of the hexagon quilt in front of it ... now where is the button tin !

Thursday, January 6, 2011

My 2010 wall of honour

I did all my UFO's apart the quilting on the hexagon quilt which is going to be finished today, so not much after 2010 ended. The ends of my fingers are numb as I have been doing 4 or 5 every since New Years day. I have decided to a bit of embellishment on the borders as well but thats a fairly simple job and will probably be machine sewn on as it will be too many layers to get a quilting needle through.

Here is my 2010

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas Update

DD loved the cushion, she was able to identify all the old bits of her clothes that were in it. Everyone took turns trying to sport her names quilted into it. The best thing was the skirt that I used for the back of it was her absolute favourite but never fit her properly and that why she put it in the recycle pile. We must like the same things.

The lounge got completed a few days before christmas and the new sofa arrived Christmas eve, eve.

Its really lovely and comfy, this is from the brochure, mine is in a tan leather.
from Highly recommended, they are close to Bolton to go and have a look round.

I have an armchair ordered from an orthopaedic company that is going to make my life alot easier. That should arrive February or March

Happy New Year everyone. x