Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Finished music stand bag and next project start

Managed to find a clear bit of floor to photograph it but its probably covered in dust as everywhere in the house has a white film over it.
The builders finished and everything is progressing well. Carpet ordered, tv has arrived, curtain pole has arrived, curtain lining material has arrived. We are going to pick a sofa tomorrow. Due to my back problems I have searched high and low to find one that I could sit on occassionally (I'm getting my own chair but would like to be able to cuddle up once in a while). I've found a local company who will fill with foam etc of your choice and have a narrow seat depth so legs will be on the floor and so less load on the sciatic nerve. Its a real blessing as my DH who is 5" taller than me has the same length legs so it will fit both of us.

Here is the next project, any guesses what it is?

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