Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Finished music stand bag and next project start

Managed to find a clear bit of floor to photograph it but its probably covered in dust as everywhere in the house has a white film over it.
The builders finished and everything is progressing well. Carpet ordered, tv has arrived, curtain pole has arrived, curtain lining material has arrived. We are going to pick a sofa tomorrow. Due to my back problems I have searched high and low to find one that I could sit on occassionally (I'm getting my own chair but would like to be able to cuddle up once in a while). I've found a local company who will fill with foam etc of your choice and have a narrow seat depth so legs will be on the floor and so less load on the sciatic nerve. Its a real blessing as my DH who is 5" taller than me has the same length legs so it will fit both of us.

Here is the next project, any guesses what it is?

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

lone leaf

lone leaf, originally uploaded by ajj1001.
I found the most beautiful leaf on a walk recently, came home and was looking for a good background. The car bonnet proved to be perfect and it had lovely water bobbles on it.

Friday, November 19, 2010

A necessity make

Had to take my lovely white music stand out to sing somewhere last week and had nothing to put it in so ......

 here is a bag in progress. I had the tiniest amount of material leftover from the amp cover I made for DH so I have eeked this out to make a strap and there is enough for a little pocket.

More on the lounge renovation. The wallpaper samples have arrived (of course the William Morris ones were our favourites as these are the most expensive), the carpets are down to a final three and I have the curtains. Painting starts tomorrow.

I have spent the day ordering things, a roman blind kit for the little window (its so little a remnant is enough material for it), a corded curtain pole and our new television. I had forgotten the joy of spending money of stuff you really like not just need.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Bridgewater canal fence

bridgewater fence, originally uploaded by ajj1001.

On a recent outing spotted this beautiful rusty fence. If only i could use a bit for a new curtain pole as all the new ones are shiny and horrible.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Final photos

 Before you get sick of seeing it.
Here is the completed reverse.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Finished cushion

My mega mixed media cushion is done.

I'm going to make a floral pad to match and it can go in the present cupboard ready for christmas.

Next project is a small case for a travel clock for eldest DD. She has got a big celebration at the start of December so I've got a couple of weeks to make something really special.

This is how my lounge looks at the moment -
... no walls, electric, heating, anything! Getting this done for Christmas is going to be my main priority.

I'm picking carpet to go down when its done at the moment but am having an uncharacteristic indecisiveness. I suppose its because I will be living with it for years and years so want to get it right.

Monday, November 8, 2010

here is the cushion front, couldn't find the picture earlier

.... close up of the name detail quilted in, it has all her four names though they are quite subtle so she may not notice ...
Here is the appliqu├ęd, quilted and embroidered panel. I have done repairs in matching thread and added some more details. the quilting is done diagonally and I'm hoping it will wrinkle nicely when washed but won't do this until the whole cushion is made up.

Christmas decorations

14 done and decorated ready for her tree to go up on the 1st December. We have the builders starting work today so I don't think that ours will be up anytime before christmas eve. Lots of shopping to be done for sofas, carpets and curtain material before then.

Friday, November 5, 2010


I can be so forgetful. The quilting is done on the cushion cover and I meant to take a picture .... but didn't. Its going to be hard to give as a present as I love it and its got 10+ hours of hand sewing on it.

I've sewn some little decorations for DD's christmas tree so next post will be two pictures.

Have a safe and happy bonfire night. We are spending ours inside in the dry and warm. Friends are coming for a meal.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The patchwork strip attached

Its going to be a licorice allsorts kind of piece,

I'm pleased with the colour combination, DD doesn't want anymore blue in the flat as all my cast offs are that as its my default colour to buy anything in!

I've started the quilting on it now and a very fancy back so it can be used either way to ring in the changes. More soon!

BTW Happy November, one of my favourite months.