Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Headphone case - mini tutorial

My DH got new headphones for Christmas but no case, they are very lovely but need alot of protection for going out of the house.

Step 1 Cut two identical piece of material (I used fleece as it would be soft and protective)
Step 2 I quilted some fleece and added some inner pockets for cables and jacks

Step 3 Sew along side seams into an inner, boxed the corner 1" away from the corner and tidied it up. (The photo also shows the 2" quilting and how it is attached to the fleece.)

Step 4 Sew up the outer and attach a flap each side for the fastening

Step 5 Sew channels for fastening cord and sew side seams to make up the outer with corners exactly the same as the inner

Step 6 Turn the edges under on the inside, the outer seams should be pressed downwards to tuck away the raw edges

Step 7 Sew inner to outer ( tack first then machine to secure properly)

Step 8 Add cord for fastening

Enjoy the headphones new home and one happy customer!

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