Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Summer is making one last effort to keep going

Its been lovely here but there has been a bit of peace and quiet descending so some photographing of latest makes has taken place.

I'm onto No 2 from "LIttle Birds" (previous make was the birds on a branch) -

Bird in a wreath (minus the bird until it is stuffed)

Will post a done picture of it soon ......

and the rug is growing and growing, think this will be pretty much finished, if I have enough material, whilst we go away next week. Its a very organic process as you aren't quite sure how much area the rags will cover. Different thickness vary alot and it is surprising the variation in amount of material produced by a t shirt.

DD's quilt is nearly quilted so that will being bound ready for her to take off to pastures new (home alone again, naturally)

Happy Making.

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