Sunday, February 14, 2010

Messenger bag

My sewing room is being used as a bedroom today (DD's boyfriend) so the quilting is having a day off. I am therefore getting on with a back order for a bag that can carry a4 files but look good

Found a really good tutorial that describes exactly what I was thinking of doing. Isn't the blogger-sphere wonderful, its all out there.

We'll see how it goes

Also going to try to finish the borders on my tapestry before Easter as a lent get it finished project. It was a 21st birthday present but progress has been stilted due to three children, one degree, lots of jobs!

Done by the time I am 45??????? 
I hope so, I said I would burn it if not as it looks at me too accusingly from the corner of the lounge, begging to be finished and hung on the wall.

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