Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Bag assemby line

All the bits are nearly ready for putting together.
I'm enjoying it and making a few adaptations such as a waterproof layer in the flap and an adjustable shoulder strap.

i don't think it would be very cost effective me taking up bag making as a living as it is taking me so long. My DD better like it! Sure she will as she is a real hunny and will say she does even if she doesn't


  1. I'm a slow stitcher too. Guess I better stick to my day job. lol

  2. I would have to sell for £50ish if I needed to make a return on the time I spent doing it. I would however be far quicker next time if I made to the same dimensions.

    I'm going to keep the pattern to make a baby bag out of kids fabric for the next new arrival.