Saturday, December 28, 2013

These have been gifted

.... so I can now share.

The teacup stand was made using Grandma's last remaining one. She was called May Mafeking because of when she was born! The handle is dodgy so its not useable anymore, the plate at the bottom is a vintage bread & butter plate. Drilled by my own fair hand.

The cushion is a hand knit cable jumper conversion, it has a brown floral inner. This has been filled with fleece offcuts and is very heavy. It has a criss-cross corset style ribbon fastening.

I did make one other gift but completely forgot to photograph it - doh.


  1. How did you go about drilling the plate without cracking it? You're so good at crafting! Did you do any craft stuff before you started with spine issues?

  2. The kits for making the stand came with a special drill bit, though it does warn that not all plates will withstand it. As it went they drilled fine, which was especially good with my Grandma's!

    I did a little crafting when the girls were little, I didn't go into paid employment until they were all at school. Youtube is a wonderful things for learning things. I tend to get an idea then try to figure out how to do it. My favourite google search is " .... tutorial" !