Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Mug Cosies - Tutorial

Inspired by a plain mug cosy I saw I decided to go one better

You start by making a paper pattern based on your favourite mugs, then cut out one from quilted material and another from patchwork strip. I had appliqued on an initial as both me and my other half have one each.

The velcro needs to be sewn on the right side of the quilted inner layer now, i.t will show otherwise but the other piece waits until it is made up

Sew round the two pieces leaving the end away from the velcro point open, you'll close this when its turned right side out.

This is a very blurry pic, it shows the added layer of fleece to make it extra warm, I attached this with some hemming tape to aid turning it right sides out. Its narrower than the whole piece to stop added bulk with extra seams.

This is it turned right way out and the ends turned under and stitched.

Here it is right sides out, the velcro sewn on last to make sure its in the right place.  With a little hand quilting added it looks really cute.

They work really well at keeping the last bit of the drink hot, no more forgotten cold dregs of coffee.

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