Saturday, December 11, 2010

Le Moyne progress and mini tutorial

I tried a few different way to assemble the stars

First making the star and then adding the outside pieces

and then making up sections and adding one on to another going round

and finally the most successful making up quarters and assembing. This led to the best seam placements.

Heres a few pics of it being made up to give you a guide, the best thing about this way is that you do all the white pieces together and its one continuous seam.

This photo shows how one seam goes one way and the other points out the other way, these can be sewn into position and so aid it being put together.

The two halves then sew together really easily. I made the final three this way and it was super quick to do, probably faster hand sewing the y seams rather than attempting to machine them.

Here's the final order all ready to be trimmed, sewn together and basted together.

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