Friday, March 26, 2010

Hi from Islay

The flower centres on the quilt have worked out really well, the whole quilt is embellished, small flowers in the triangles around the blocks, large flowers in the squares and the log cabin blocks have some hand quilting to highlight the structure. It is really cosy to snuggle under, unfortunately it will have to be washed at some point so won't smell of the lovely open fire smoke that has been filling the room whilst I have been hand quilting it.

I've done a few paintings, the last one is drying on the easel before packing up tonight. Its when watercolour is much more portable than oils or acrylic. No wet paint for days on end.

This trip is the first time I have longed for a “proper” camera, the landscapes are amazing and my little camera cannot capture the lighting and effects properly. Oh well, I've done the best I can.

More soon when we are back on big unlimited broadband.

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