Tuesday, January 19, 2010

its going well .....

but its going to take ages to baste. It took me an hour to do this little bit so that 2 weeks plus! Don't hold your breath for comments on how the quilting is going.


  1. Good luck with basting your quilt; it's not exactly my favourite part of quilting! Since I discovered basting spray, my safety pin box has been resting peacefully most of the time. It looks like you're using a frame, will you be quilting it by hand?
    I'm a bit curious about your header photo, is it a quilt? I looks stunning!

  2. ... nearly done but i think my fingers might fall off first! I'm basting it all by sewing it and trying to avoid the middle of the flowers that I am going to hand quilt as I need something to do laid down. Its wound on two long pieces of wood and its on my wooden table.

    I'm going to machine quilt the sashing and borders but will do this later. Whilst hand quilting I can reduce my stash even further and cutting out the pieces for my daughters quilt. The majority is remnants I already have and a few clothes recycling finds.

    I found the image at the top of the blog and loved it. Can't remember I found it now but it was a free stock image.