Friday, November 13, 2009

Got sew many projects on!

Sorry, really bad pun. I've started a stash for middle daughters quilt, think its going to be 3 x4 squares big. I've got the mitred corners to do on the hexagon quilt and one more set of borders to put on. I've got the fabrics for making my christmas bunting. Where to start!

On the good side I was sorting through boxes from the loft and found a box that has been missing for years with lots of christmas stuff that i sewed a couple of years ago. I'll shake the dust off and take some pics tomorrow.

And to finish I would like to post a picture from our local remembrance day service  (same as veterans day across the pond). It shows our local ATC that two of my daughters used to be in putting up a very good show in tribute to all those who gave so much for us.

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