Sunday, September 20, 2009

First post

Its really exciting to have got started, I have been thinking about doing this for ages but have taken the plunge. It was the indecisiveness of what to put in that has stopped me and then I had a brainwave put in everything!

I am a very distracted crafter who wants to be making the next thing before I have finished the last, I work best to a deadline. Amazingly I finished this scrap quilt ages before it was needed. My youngest daughter is now snuggled up in it at university (though her room was rather modern and cosy and I don't think she'll need it for warmth). It was a collection of old dresses, bits of leftovers from my clothes and her Grandfather's curtains. All tied off with ribbon and buttons saved from her childhood.

Keep checking back as I am nearing making up the top of my hand sewn quilt and will be posting as it goes pictures.

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